Common Ford Dashboard Warning Lights

Do you know what the lights on your dashboard mean? Here is a list of a handful of dashboard warning lights and their meanings.

Anti-Lock Braking System

If this light turns on when you are driving, this implies a system error. You will still have the normal braking (without ABS) unless the brake system warning lamp also lights up. Have the system examined by a Ford Dealer or at the Quick Lane. See below.

Brake System Warning Lamp

If the lamp comes on when you are traveling, you may have the parking brake employed. Make sure the parking brake is turned off. Have your automobile examined as soon as possible if the light remains lit.

CAUTION:  Driving your automobile with the warning lamp illuminated is hazardous. A substantial reduction in braking operation may happen. It might take you longer to stop your automobile. Have your motor vehicle looked at as soon as feasible. Driving prolonged distances with the parking brake on can lead to brake malfunction and the risk of personal harm.

Electric Park Brake

If this light comes on or flashes when the electric parking brake has a system fault. 


If this lights up while driving, it means there is a system problem. Turn off all unneeded electrical gear and have the system examined by a Ford Dealer or at the Quick Lane right away.

Engine or Motor Coolant Temperature

When this light comes on, it means your vehicle coolant temperature is way high. Stop your vehicle as soon as feasible, turn off your vehicle, and let it cool down for a while. 

Engine Oil

If this light comes on with the engine operating or when you are driving down the road, this implies a system problem. Pull over safely and stop your automobile as soon as you can. Turn off the engine. Check the level of the engine oil. Do not continue your trip if the light stays on regardless of the level being appropriate. Have the system checked by a Ford Dealer or Quick Lane directly.

Front Airbag

If this light does not come on when you turn on the vehicle, if it flashes, or stays on when the engine is operating, this signals a fault. Have your automobile inspected as soon as you can.

High Voltage Electric System Failure

It this light turns on; it means your hybrid electric vehicle has an electrical element error or malfunction that triggers your automobile to turn off or go into a restricted driving mode. A message may show up in the instrument cluster display.

Low Tire Pressure Warning

This light will turn on when the tire pressure is low. If the light stays on with the engine on or when driving, review the tire pressure as soon as you can. This light will also illuminate briefly when you turn on the vehicle simply to confirm it is operational. If the light does not come on when you turn on the car or if it starts to flash, have the system tested by a Ford dealer or at the Quick Lane.

Service Engine Soon

This light will come on when you turn on the vehicle, prior to the engine starting. As long as there are no system issues, the light will automatically turn off. If this light flashes or stay lit, there could be a problem the engine. Have your vehicle diagnosed immediately.

Stability Control

This light will blink when the system is functioning. If it stays on or does not turn on when you turn on your vehicle, this suggests a system problem. Have the system tested by a Ford Dealer or Quick Lane as soon as you can.