Ford Car Care Tips for Everyday Use

Change wipers and lights

With snow and icy weather just ahead of us, you can prepare your vehicle to handle the coming winter weather. Salt from the roads can develop over time on the headlights and taillights, which restricts visibility.

Plan a car wash to cleanse all the salt from your vehicle and pay awareness to the lights so you can bring them back to their initial sparkle. See if any lights have gone out and take the time to change them before the bad weather arrives.

Take a few minutes to clean the windshield wipers and determine whether it is time to change them. Doing so now will not only help you retain a clear view of the road ahead when the weather gets rough, but it will likewise help you keep your windshield clear from other debris.

Inspect the AC components

It is simple to miss the solace of air conditioning or heat until something goes amiss, and you are stuck sweltering or freezing on your commute to work. Take a decent view at the air conditioning elements, including the HVAC system, the compressor, and compressor belt. If something appears broken or in need of care, we have enough Ford parts to get your air conditioner or heater up and running again.

Rotate tires and align wheels

It is no shocker that your tires take a day-to-day thrashing. Take a good glimpse at them. Is there a healthful quantity of tread? If not, you could certainly suffer the loss of traction on slippery road conditions, and your car will have to work tougher to accelerate and brake.

Also take notice of any damage you may view on the tires. Be sure they are correctly inflated. Doing so will lengthen the life of your tires and help you avoid a flat tire on a road trip.

If you cannot recall the last time you had your tires rotated, then it is time to arrange service. This will expand the life expectancy of your tires and help them to age evenly over time. This will additionally be the ideal occasion to get your tires aligned, which will make your ride more relaxed and improve your gas mileage.