Keep Your Car Cool This Summer in Myrtle Beach!

Here in Myrtle Beach, those summertime temperatures have already arrived. We had our two weeks of a pollen-filled Spring but now the heat is on! Do you know how to help your vehicle stay cool in the summertime? Of course, we can always use the air conditioner in our vehicles, but sometimes we can’t only rely on that. Here at Beach Quick Lane, we can service your car, truck or SUV’s air conditioning system if you think it’s having a problem. 

Be Cool, Dude!

If your vehicle’s AC is working properly, but you still want to help it along this summer, here are 7 tips to keep your vehicle cooler inside when it’s hotter outside!

Sunshade/Window Visor – This is one of the first, and easiest, things you can do to keep your vehicle’s interior cooler in the summertime. You can even put a sunshade in the rear window for added relief.

Dash Cover – Have you ever thought of covering your dashboard? The vinyl surfaces can get extremely hot. Use a vehicle specific dash cover or even a towel. Not only will it cool the interior, it will also protect the vinyl from sun damage.

Cover the Steering Wheel – Who in the world likes to touch a scalding hot steering wheel?  NO ONE, that’s who! Use a small towel, like a hand towel or dish towel, to cover your vehicle’s steering wheel. Do this so when you get back into your vehicle, you won’t burn your palms or fingertips! Just make sure to remove it before you put your car into drive.

Park in the Shade – Now this has to be the easiest thing you can do to keep your vehicle cool. Just park your vehicle in a shady spot!

Empty Your Vehicle – If you have items in your vehicle that retain heat or reflect the sun, either take those things out of the vehicle or move them under the seat. Reflective items like CD cases or glossy items can be slid into a side pocket or seat back pocket. 

Park in a Garage – Use your home’s garage for its intended purpose: park your car in it! If you can keep your vehicle out of direct sunlight, like in a parking garage, it will keep your car so much cooler!

Cover Your Seats – This is especially important if you have leather or vinyl seats. No one likes to sit down on a hot seat. Use a towel or blanket to cover the seat of your vehicle. This way, they will be out of direct sunlight and won’t burn your bottom when you sit down.

Keep checking back to the Beach Quick Lane Blog for more tips and tricks!