Little Things: Beach Quick Lane Checks Them All

little thingsBeach Quick Lane understands that life is busy. We are constantly in our vehicles traveling from place to place. You have to beat the traffic to get to work and school on time. You have to get the groceries. We have to get the kids to and from sport practices and dance classes.  All of that traveling can really take a toll on our vehicles. Being that busy, we also understand that vehicle maintenance can fall by the wayside. Missing those little things like filling your tires with air or refilling your washer fluid can be forgotten until you realize there’s a problem.

little thingsDon’t Forget the Washer Fluid

We have all been in the same position. You’re driving down the road and a bird decides to “make a deposit” on the windshield. You hit the windshield washer switch to clean the glass. The wipers move but the washer fluid doesn’t come out. You’ve successfully smeared your windshield and remembered that you forgot to refill the washer fluid.

See Clearly at Night

Have you ever been been driving down the road, following all the traffic laws and still been pulled over for a burnt out brake light or turn signal? That can turn out to be an expensive experience. Do you remember the last time you put air in your tires? Has the tire pressure monitoring system light in your vehicle been on for a while? Maybe it’s time to stop by Beach Quick Lane.

little thingsWe Check the Little Things

Here at Beach Quick Lane, when you come in for any type of service, our service technicians perform a multi-point vehicle inspection. This is a courtesy visual inspection we perform for all of our customers. We will check the tread depth of your tires and their air pressure. We inspect the brakes, belts, hoses, the battery and look for leaks. Our technicians will check and fill transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant and your washer fluid. We’ll take a look at the air filter too, among many other things.



We check all the little things for you so you can stay ahead of the game. Don’t get stuck in a bind without required fluids or other important things. Call Beach Quick Lane today!