Power Window Issues: What You Need to Know

Power windows in a vehicle were a fabulous invention. It makes hitting the ATM or getting a quick bite on eat on the run much easier. But what happens when your power window stops working?

What do I do if a power window has failed?

Your two main choices are to have a trained automotive repair center fix it or repair it yourself. The purpose of this particular blog post is to provide overall data as to what mechanisms are affected and what may be the problem. Equipped with this data, you will realize what to anticipate no matter what determination you decide.

Let us begin with what elements are concerned. Here is a fundamental listing:

  • Window Regulator
  • Window Regulator Motor
  • Power Window Switch
  • Power window Wiring
  • Power Window Control Unit
    • Body Control Module
    • Window Control Module
  • Tracks, Guides and weather-stripping

What can be wrong with my power window?

We must be concerned about the age of the structure at the outset. How many years have these components been working? How often are they used? If the driver window has failed, it’s almost certainly because this window gets the most use. Is the vehicle five year old or older? Odds are that the parts are dilapidated. If it’s a different window and/or the vehicle is somewhat newer, the prospects are this:

  • a merchandise imperfection
  • injury to the apparatus.

Could the power window mechanism have been damaged somehow?

Was the automobile in a wreck? Was the door exposed to some kind of strange influence? Has somebody subjected the window to any descending intensity?

What component has failed?

Here are the main troubleshooting measures to help verify what part has been damaged.

  • Do you hear a sound when trying to move the window upwards or downwards?
    • If the answer is yes, what type of sound is it?
      • No sound – Motor has stopped, switch, wiring or control module has stopped.
      • Makes a “tick, tick, tick” noise – Window Regulator has stopped.
        • Window Motor may still be fine.
      • Makes a “electrical engine operating noise” – Window Regulator has stopped.
        • Window Motor may still be fine.
      • Window moves upward or downward a little bit but then doesn’t work – Window track structure or weather-stripping could be broken, dried out or uneven.
        • Motor or regulator could be inadequate.

Anybody that has changed a power window regulator or motor will agree this is an extremely complicated procedure. It will involve specialty devices to take off door trim panel, regulator, and numerous additional parts. If you believe the track or weather-stripping is producing the problem, it will require a professional diagnosis.

It’s important to realize, lest you are mechanically proficient, we suggest you have a competent repair shop like Beach Quick Lane deal with this kind of work.