Pre-Vacation Vehicle Service at Beach Quick Lane

pre-vacationIs your college student or high school senior planning a road trip with friends after graduation? Want to make sure your child is safe while on vacation? Don’t let your child miss out on this rite of passage because his or her vehicle is less than perfect. Contact Beach Quick Lane for all the pre-vacation services your child’s vehicle may need.

Before your teen or college student hits the road this summer, make sure their vehicle is roadworthy. Here at Beach Quick Lane, we can perform many types of pre-vacation automotive services from oil changes to tires to hoses and belts. Here’s a list of just some of the things we can do:

pre-vacationOil Changes

This is one of the most basic services you can do for a vehicle. Keeping a vehicle properly serviced goes a very long way to extending the life of your vehicle. Beach Quick Lane offers The Works Service, which includes an oil change, tire rotation and multi-point vehicle inspection. It includes up to five quarts of fresh oil, the new oil filter of course, and we rotate the tires. During the multi-point vehicle inspection, our trained technicians will perform a visual inspection of belts, hoses, brakes… all sorts of things actually. At the end of the service, the Service Advisor will go over the Vehicle Report Card and left you know if there’s a potential problem.

pre-vacationNew Tires

Are the tires on your kid’s vehicle looking a little worse for wear? We can install a new set of tires on your child’s vehicle making sure he or she won’t have to worry about flat tires. We can also do alignments!



pre-vacationAir Conditioning Services

Beach Quick Lane can also service automotive air conditioners. We know hot cars are not fun whatsoever, especially here at the beach. Driving a vehicle that is too hot can actually be dangerous! Keep your teen or college student’s vehicle too cool for school by scheduling a service appointment today.

pre-vacationBeach Quick Lane Can Help You

These services are not the only service we can do here at Beach Quick Lane. These things are only the basics. We can seriously do so much more. By all means, call Beach Quick Lane today to get your appointment scheduled!