The Importance of Clean Glass in Your Car

Everyone knows that having a vehicle with clean glass is much safer to drive. If your windshield or side windows are dirty, heaven knows what you could miss on the road. Keep reading to learn some great tips from Beach Quick Lane to keep your vehicle’s windows clean! Clean glass is important!

Take the Time to Do It

You may not always keep up on the exterior or interior cleaning of your vehicle like you should. However, it’s super important to make sure the glass parts of your vehicle are always clean. Your vehicle’s windshield is your window to the world outside. Through it you watch the road ahead of you and see what’s coming at you.Your side windows offer you a view of what’s beside you. Is there someone pulling out from a driveway or someone walking on a sidewalk? The rear window lets you see what’s behind you when driving in reverse. Not every vehicle comes equipped with a backup camera. But, if it does, even that needs to be cleaned as well!

Cleaning the glass parts of your vehicle is actually really easy to do, even though we may only think about it if our view is obstructed by dirt, smudges or random buildup. When cleaning the glass in your vehicle, there are a few things to remember:

Follow These Instructions

  • First, use a dry cloth over all the glass surfaces to remove excess dirt and dust. Do this on the inside and outside of your vehicle.
  • Next, decide if you want to clean the inside or outside of the glass first. There’s a method to the madness, just wait.
  • Now, say that you decided to clean the inside first. Using a clean cloth and your glass cleaner, spray a bit of your cleaner on the glass and either wipe horizontally or vertically, but not both. Don’t clean in circles either. There’s a really good reason for this. If you clean the inside of the glass one way and the outside the other way, you’ll be better able to see first and grime that’s still stuck to the glass. So, if you clean the inside vertically, clean the outside horizontally.

Don’t Forget This!

One other important element to clean glass are windshield wiper blades! If your vehicle’s wipers are old, cracked or falling apart, it’s time for a new set. Wipers that have deteriorated won’t move the water off your windshield as they are supposed to. A new set will go a very long way to keeping your line of sight clear. Of course, Beach Quick Lane is more than happy to offer top quality wiper blades and installation. 

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