We Do Oil Changes, But We Also Do So Much More!

Have you been to Beach Quick Lane before? If you have, then you already know all about what services we provide, like simple oil changes and tire rotations. If you haven’t been to Beach Quick Lane, you should really keep reading how we can save you time and money!

When you hear “Beach Quick Lane” you may automatically think “quick oil change place”. Well, you are only partly correct. Yes, Beach Quick Lane does perform quick oil change services, but we also do so much more!

Oil Changes & Lube

Are you only in need of regular scheduled maintenance like an oil change? Beach Quick Lane offers speedy service using the highest quality synthetic blend motor oil and oil filters. If you get The Works Service, we’ll top off your fluids, check your battery and make sure the air in your tires is at the correct pressure.


Beach Quick Lane offers a large variety of new tires for cars and trucks! Using the best technology, we can balance those tires and install them as well. Got a flat tire? We offer simple tire repair too. Call us today and let us get you rolling smoothly down the road again.



Is your vehicle pulling to the left or right? Are your tires wearing more on a certain side? You might need your alignment checked and re-calibrated. We can realign your vehicle using computer technology and get you driving in a straight line again.


Are you hearing a strange noise or feeling something weird when you press your vehicle’s brake pedal? If you are, you may need to have your brakes checked for wear and tear. Beach Quick Lane can help you by making your vehicle’s braking system is performing at peak performance. We can do simple brake repairs or install new pads, shoes, brake drums and rotors!

Battery Service

Are you noticing the lights in your vehicle are a little dim or your car just isn’t cranking right up in the morning? Have you popped the hood and noticed your car battery looks corroded or is making a funny smell? Come to Beach Quick Lane and we’ll test your vehicle’s battery. We’ll be happy to test your battery, offer you a replacement and install it without any hassle!

Air Conditioning System


Beach Quick Lane can test your air condition system for leaks, recharge your system and offer a complete inspection of your car’s air conditioning system. Don’t wait until it breaks and you’re left in a hot car in the middle of summer. Call us now to make sure you and your vehicle stay cool and comfortable all summer long!

Belts & Hoses

Don’t get left on the side of the road because of a broken belt or busted hose. Beach Quick Lane will be happy to inspect your vehicle’s belts and hoses for cracks or leaks. We can test for correct tension and replace if needed! We use the highest quality products under the hood of your car.

Wiper Blades

Beach Quick Lane can help you make sure you have the best visibility while on the road. We can inspect your windshield wipers and install new ones for you! Don’t wait until you’re caught in a downpour and all you see are streaks and smears. We can also top off your washer fluid!

Lamps & Bulbs

shine bright

Don’t get caught in the dark! Let Beach Quick Lane replace your broken headlamps, taillights and interior cabin bulbs. We want to make sure you can see the road and that other drivers can see you! Give us a call today and we’ll be glad to help you!

Alternators & Electrical System

Cars on the road today have advanced electrical systems and intricate wiring. The technicians at Beach Quick Lane are factory trained to perform charging and electrical system diagnostic checks. We can also replace your vehicle’s alternator!

Transmission Service

Are you hearing a strange sound or feeling an unusual vibration when your vehicle accelerates? Do you feel your vehicle slipping gears? If you do, you may just have a problem with your transmission. Beach Quick Lane can offer general transmission maintenance services like checking the transmission fluid and installing a new filter to a complete transmission system flush.

Suspension & Steering

Are you feeling all the bumps in the road? Have you recently hit a sizeable pot hole? You just may need to have your Suspension and Steering system checked. Don’t lose control of your vehicle! Let Beach Quick Lane replace your vehicle’s worn shocks or struts. We can inspect the entire system and even top off your power steering fluid.

Cooling System

Don’t get caught in traffic with an overheating car. Let Beach Quick Lane’s knowledgeable technicians inspect your vehicle’s cooling system and replace any worn or damaged parts like a thermostat or water pump.

Vehicle Checkup Report

oil changes

As a courtesy to all of our customers, we will perform a multipoint inspection for every vehicle we service. During this visual inspection, we’ll take a look at the condition and wear of your tires, your coolant, oil level, your vehicle’s brakes and the belts and hoses. We’ll provide you with a printout of our findings and let you know what’s good, what you want to keep an eye on and problems that need immediate attention.

Now that you know what Beach Quick Lane can do for you, why not get your next appointment scheduled? By all means, us a call today! Even if it’s just for oil changes.

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