What’s Included in a Tune-Up?

At Beach Quick Lane, we often get asked what is included in a traditional tune-up. The answer will vary from garage to garage, but usually this is a type of precautionary and preemptive upkeep which targets problematic areas and solves small concerns, so they do not grow. Most tune ups consist of a thorough engine check, to make sure there are no leakages, and that it sounds and feels right when the motor vehicle is running. For a quicker look at some of the other ways a tune up can enhance your vehicle, check out our list of tune up advantages.

Better Mileage

A tune up can fix all the small things going on in your car that you may not have seen are causing you to shell out extra on gas. For example, if your brakes are sticking, it could be causing your vehicle to consume more than normal. During the tune up, your brakes will be checked, and brake pads might be replaced. Bad fuel mileage could also imply that your tires are not accurately aligned, which is causing them to turn at a strange angle and increase friction on axles and against the highway. A tire rotation and alignment can effortlessly resolve this issue and help decrease the volume of gas your car consumes to drive from home to work and back.

Fix a Rough Ride

Let us face it, as your car ages, it just does not run as efficiently as it used to. Maybe you have observed it rattling a little bit or having a bit of trouble getting started in the morning, particularly when it is cold. A power test and energy test by your mechanic can identify both these troubles and decide what is causing the rattling and why your car is not holding power the way that it should be. From the starter to the exhaust, there are hundreds of core pieces which could be the cause. A qualified mechanic can find the trouble and repair it so that you do not have to ride uneasily from point A to point B.

Glowing Lights on the Dash

Each of the warning lights on your car is intended to tell you something, sadly not every driver is fluent in car diagnostics. For this purpose, our professional team of mechanics will work to discover what the warning lights imply, why they are on, and how to remedy them swiftly and efficiently.

A Thorough Check-Up

Think of a tune up for your car the way you would a medical examination for your body. It thoroughly examines working parts, finds difficulties, and lets them to be repaired. Just as your doctor might recommend medicine to fix an illness, your mechanic will indicate having something repaired to enhance handling, reduce the chance of a failure, and give you an overall improved ride.

During a tune up, your mechanic will complete a code scan to check for ignition problems or exhaust leakages. He or she will also take this time to examine everything from valves, rings, and gaskets to battery voltage and engine leaks. Your mechanic may not always find an problem during a tune up, which is great news to those who adore their cars, but in the majority cases, there will be one or two things to resolve before you’ll want to drive again. The essential thing to keep in mind after a tune up, is that your mechanic is offering you the chance to fix minor ant hills before they turn into mole hills. We would much rather assist you repair a small part now, than need to complete a major fix later.

You Become Our Family

At Beach Quick Lane, we feel that each client becomes a part of our family. Our top main concern is to deliver you with high-quality assistance every time we work on your motor vehicle. To help keep you safe while you drive, and to keep you from overspending in the future. For more info on Beach Quick Lane, our tune up services, preventive maintenance, and other types of auto services, contact us today! Our team of knowledgeable staff is always delighted to meet new and present clients and will work with you to arrange an appointment with our mechanics at your convenience.