What’s that smell? Odors coming from your vehicle…

We realize that it can be troubling when you begin sniffing a strange odor in your automobile. It’s particularly bad if that odor is of gasoline or putrid eggs. There are several familiar odors that can be symptomatic of issues, such as a necessary fix or possible maintenance.

If you do smell something bad, it is your car’s method of allowing you to understand that something is amiss. Never disregard a weird odor that hangs around for periods of time. There might be a problem with your motor vehicle that demands attention as soon as feasible. 

What Odors Mean

Here are several of the familiar car odors and what they can suggest: 

  • If you smell anything strange, try to pinpoint from where the odor is coming. A strange or foul odor might be coming from concealed rotten food someplace in your vehicle. A odor of rotten eggs, though, could be an indication of catalytic converter trouble that will need to be checked quickly. 
  • If your car smells like there is something moldy or mildewy in it, we suggest deep cleaning your vehicle. One way is to vacuum and steam clean the inside. Quite possibly, the odor is simply because the upholstery is dirty. However, if the mold or mildew smell happens when the air conditioning system is on, there just may be a problem. An issue like this should be investigate quickly as it is circulating bad air in the cabin of your vehicle.
  • Do you have the smell of gasoline while driving? This is typically a sign of a problem with the vehicle’s fuel system. This problem should be looked at ASAP.
  • You can also use those fancy little smell-good trees, fabric refresher or even dryer sheets tucked under the seats to help make your vehicle smell better.

Can’t find the Source?

If you still smell off-putting odor that you cannot quite identify, we suggest bringing your motor vehicle to Beach Quick Lane an inspection or diagnostic. The odor could be happening from a crucial element, and it may be a symptom of a larger dilemma. 

Give us a call here at Beach Quick Lane if you are facing any strange indications or stop by our shop today for welcoming help!