Wintertime Car Maintenance Tips

Here in Myrtle Beach, we don’t always get crazy winter weather. In fact, our winters here on the Grand Strand can be amazingly mild. However, if you’re traveling north in the winter or to any place experiencing winter weather, the following information will definitely be helpful!


Trade out regular tires for winter tires. Snow or not, if you reside in a region where temperatures repeatedly hit 45 degrees Fahrenheit, winter tires are suggested. Winter tires are designed to provide improved traction while turning or stopping on freezing roads.

Check your vehicle’s tire pressure at least once a week. Motoring on underinflated tires can cause them to wear out too early. You could also lose traction on wintry or slick roadways. Did you know that your tires can lose an entire pound of pressure with each 10-degree decrease in air temperature?

Gasoline Tank

Keep your gasoline tank at least half filled. During wintry weather, it’s a great suggestion to keep at least half a tank of gas in your automobile in case of an urgent situation or if you get trapped in the snow and must wait on saving.

Washing & Waxing

Complement a protective layer to your vehicle’s paint. A layer of polymer wax can produce a buffer against road salt, grime, snow and sleet. Combine that with a high-pressure car wash after a winter snow storm to wash away accumulation in tough spaces for example wheels, wheel wells and undercarriage.

Don’t Forget Your Windshield Wipers

Safeguard your vehicle’s windshield wipers. If you park your vehicle in the open, put the wipers in the up position. This will stop the wipers from freezing to the windshield. Also, don’t use the wiper blades to get rid of ice, snow or frost from the windshield. This can cause serious damage to the wipers. Instead, make use of an ice scraper or your vehicle’s defrost HVAC system.